Take care of your Physical and Mental health. Strengthen your immunity and balance your emotions with aromatherapy and the use of essential oils.



Aromatherapy is a type of Complementary Medicine utilizing essential oils to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Essential oils are made  of different medicinal plants, possess distinctive therapeutic properties which can be used to improve health and prevent disease. Both their physiological and psychological effects combine well to promote positive health.

These natural plant oils are applied in a variety of ways, include massage, baths and inhalations. They are absorbed into the skin and have gentle physiological effects.

How it works?

When scheduling your appointment via WhatsApp, you will receive payment instructions in your registered email.

After payment confirmation, you will receive a questionnaire, called Anamnesis, where you will report your health history and your lifestyle.

The provision of accurate information in the Anamnesis, will allow better use of the consultation and will be essential to assess which essential oils will be used in your treatment.

The consultation

The consultation prices is R$250 and it will last 90 minutes.
Instructions for using essential oils for treatment will be sent by email.
Essential oils and other products recommended for treatment are not included in the consultation fee.

Return after 21 days

The reconsultation will be scheduled at the end of the first consultation. Thus, you will guarantee your schedule on the correct date to evaluate the results.
It will last 45 minutes and will be directed to the evaluation of treatment results.

First Step

Send us a message on WhatsApp +353 83 382 5522

Booking details

You will receive an email with your booking and the payment details.

Bank transfer

Payment is required before the appointment. Bank transfer or Pix. Consult our refund policies.


Your booking is confirmed. We will meet online as your booking details.

Free return

Your return will be booked during your consultation.

Still have some questions?

Send us a message with your concerns and we will more than happy to guide you.