To the holistic world


I'm Fabie.


A picture of Fabiola Scapini - Holistic Therapist

Fabíola Scapini

A person in love with the holistic world who found herself completely after a heart attack caused by the strong stresses present in my professional and personal life.

My first contact with holistic therapies occurred when I was just a teenager hiking through the woods of my small town in southern Brazil. I met a healer from a small tribe who sat next to me at a fire and told me about the healing power found in our plants, flowers and trees in addition to the power in our energy field. “body and soul,” he said. The key to healing all our ills is at our fingertips and the immensity of mother nature.

I got lost.

The time to choose a profession upon entering college had come, and because of the pressure that our society imposes on us to be professionally successful adults led me to the wrong choice. I graduated in International Business and became a sales manager in the Brazilian furniture industry. Years later, at 36, working under a lot of pressure, facing a divorce with two small boys to raise by myself, I had a heart attack.

I found myself.

I left the hospital with the certainty that I no longer wanted that lifestyle. I started doing volunteer work as a reiki therapist in the poorer areas of the city, including working with teenagers who had behavioural problems. In my spare time, I went back to practising what I loved most when I was a country girl, climbing mountains, swimming in rivers, and sleeping in the woods, and that’s what kept me alive to run for my dreams and my boys. I left my country with nothing in my pocket, with only a  paid English course and a lot of courage and determination in the luggage. My beloved Dad, who passed away last year, was the only person in this world who believed and never gave up on me. All my success and happiness in this Holistic path. I dedicate for him.

Dreams come true.

After two years of hard study & dedication, and working full time to raise my children, came the reward.  I graduated from Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage and Reiki courses. Including Anatomy and Physiology certificates becoming a IMTA Membership in 2017. IMTA (Irish Massage Therapists Association) is the most respected professional body, providing self-regulation for the massage and bodywork industry in Ireland. I have an immense love for my profession today.  It gives me the tools I need to help people make time to take care of themselves, to find their inner balance and strength, and to serve whatever their path in this so busy world.

Lots of light and love,


“Health is a state of complete harmony of the mind, body and spirit.” – UNKNOWN