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and its effects

Stress is any factor that threatens our physical and mental well being. But is not the factor itself that is damaging but the response to it. It has been estimated that stress is the cause of 75% of disease.

Nowadays it is not easy to get away from the cause of the stress. Most of stress factor are no longer responded to with activity, it is very hard for anyone just to run away from an annoying problem.

As a result the body remains tense and cannot relax causing a deep damage in the whole body system.


Reward yourself with

Holistic Therapies brings the body back into the balance, restoring energy and inducing deep relaxation which helps to remove tons of tension of the stress response. It boosts the immune system, which is weakened by constant stressful life, stimulates the circulation, removes toxins, stabilises breathing, can reduce anxiety, helping with insomnia and sleep issues, muscles pain relief, boosts energy levels and induces calm.

On the first visit, the client will fill a Consultation Form designed in detail for the client’s safety and also to prompt the client to remember perhaps even insignificant health conditions, which it will be important to decide the best treatment for each client. In some specific cases, I might will request  for a Referral letter, from the Client’s GP.

Your body and soul deserves the best treat
Find time for yourself and switch off from the real world
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What clients say about us

Brilliant job! Extremely attentive and skilled therapist. I'm very impressed with the unknown benefits of Aromatherapy. After the second session, I could really notice a huge improvement on my shoulder's tension, stress related condition that I've had for years which I could never treat successfully. Fabíola is a highly skilled professional and extremely pleasant as a person. Highly recommended! Thanks
Daniel Misturini
Incredible therapist. I regularly hire Fabiola for an at home Holistic Aromatherapy Massage. I've had massages throughout Dublin but this is by far my favourite. Very professional service delivered at my home which saves me time and is so convenient. Fabiola also mixes up bespoke blends of oil just for me. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for a high quality therapeutic treatment. Self care of the highest order.
The helping hand
Highly recommended! Fabiola is an amazing therapist and very inspiring and harmonious person! Holistic aromatherapy massage was amazing and it worked fantastically well for me. I feel like I was reborn and left all my stress and tension behind! I would definitely come back soon for another course of treatment. And I would also recommend to take bath salt and bombs which are hand made and 100% natural. I usually use them to relax after a busy day and just love how they work. Many thanks for your work!
Yulia Amelina
I Highly recommend!
Lucas Beraldo